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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

a "full" weekend

It's been a relatively relaxing weekend which enabled me to continue on my 'auto woodwork' project last Saturday. Nothing refreshes a man more than some hard manual labor. While my brother-in-law and I were hammering away with my project, my wife decided to go with my mom and sister for some shopping in Market! Market!

Come Sunday my wife and I attended Church in the morning. Lunch time we had steak a la pobre at my mom's house together with my 'Greek' family (no we're not Greeks, but if you've seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding you'll know what I mean). After lunch we head off to the vet for Koko and Sakura's de-worming session (wherein they just gave them a pill... which I can very much do by myself) before returning back to my mom's house to pick up my pumpkin (my term for pamangkin) for a children's birthday party.

My pumpkin Kyle...

Initially we opted not to bring 4-year old Kyle along as he was notoriously 'makulit' but when we were about to leave my mom's house he was sad that everybody's leaving. First he was clinging on his dad's bike to prevent him from leaving but after some lightning (tricky) kung-fu moves his dad got past him, alas he just have to settle with his best bud, Andre (my other pumpkin) - but Andre had to leave as well for a visit his lolo and lola! My mom and sister (Kyle's mom) together with my two aunts were preparing to leave to check out the franchising expo at the WTC. When it was time for me and my wife to go, we heard Kyle say 'naiwan nanaman ako'... our heart sank and we just have to take him with us. So I told him we'll just bring Koko and Sakura to the vet and we'll come back for him so we could go to the party. It took us an hour at the vet and when we got back he was on his party clothes and has already fallen asleep waiting for us. His yaya reported that though he was sleepy he doesn't want to get off of his party clothes and he even called us up at our house but Tina told him we left already, again he muttered 'naiwan nanaman ako'... Haaay... His yaya loaded him up in the car while he was half-asleep and we head on to Mega Mall. As we we're on our way, my wife pulled out the invitation and was shocked to see the party starts at 2pm when all the while she thought it was at 3; it was almost 4pm at that time. As my wife was texting her friends to see if the party isn't over yet, Kyle was looking at the invitation and blurted out a very funny comment that gave my wife and I a good laugh. He asked us what has happened to Suzy Spaghetti's hair! If you have seen Shakeys' mascot Suzy Spaghetti you'll be asking the same question too! Hehehe... When we got to Shakey's, the party was over and the host was just about to leave. Kyle was given 2 loot bags plus a balloon to compensate for the missed party, undeterred he played with his balloon and even grabbed a party hat. He was happy with his loot, but my wife and I was really upset that we were not able to give him the party he deserved. To make it up to him we treated him for some kiddy rides and arcade games. We also bought him some 'kiamoy'-like candies which were his favorites. We had spaghetti, chicken, soup and sandwich at Almon Marina before heading home. All in all Kyle had a great time (except for the giant 'paa' that scared him off in one of the health spa in the mall). Kids are really easy to please...

As Koko mentioned it was an exciting weekend for them too... my in-laws paid us a visit so they could see for themselves how cute and cuddly the little pups are. It's pretty special since my wife prepared a great dinner made out of 'sinaing na tulingan' (the one with pork), rosemary-garlic roast chicken and clam chowder soup. While my mother-in-law brought her very delicious and addicting 'dinuguan'! During dinner my wife told my in-laws about my blog and the episode with mlq3. So after dinner they asked to see the blog and my wife happily obliged them, so you could imagine how much I was blushing and sweating. When they left I asked my wife why she had to tell her family about it... to which she answered 'coz I'm proud of my hubby!'

If Koko had an exciting weekend... I had a "full" one!


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