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Friday, July 15, 2005


Yes! Just as Koko has mentioned… Manuel L. Quezon III did mention this space in his blog. Though this is Koko’s blog, the one he mentioned was specifically my entry. So step aside you puppy! Hehehe… just kidding. When we started this blog it was agreed that it’s mainly Koko and my views on politics, so no problem on how we’ll go about this.

Koko is indeed feeling better… I blame it on myself that I increased his pellet diet. Well eventually he should be ready for it, but I guess it’s just not yet time. At least I can say that my intentions were good… and I’m being honest. This one is no case of ‘pero yun nga, yung dagdag, yung dagdag’ meaning I was just protecting my votes!

PCIJ gave a new light to the Garci tapes by discovering the ‘dagdag’ word uttered by GMA, don’t know if Cong. Peter Cayetano and Joel Villanueva got the details from PCIJ but whoever scrutinized it really did a good job. This part was previously reported in the transcripts as unintelligible or garbled. Wow! This really puts more teeth to the Garci tapes since it now shows that GMA did mutter the magical word ‘dagdag’! What struck me is the reaction after this revelation… as inq7 has reported, the staunch supporters of GMA now claims that the enhancement done was not to make the audio quality better but to add something that is not actually there! I went back to my downloaded recordings (which I got way back when all this started) and listened to that specific part… plugged my earphones and turn the volume to the max and voila!!! Indeed there it was… very clear… and very much portraying a Gloria whispering to get her message across. Wow! The funny thing is Congressman Douglas Cagas of Davao del Sur is saying that even if the tapes were authentic there could be different interpretations for what the president meant when she mentioned ‘dagdag’. (Yeah right!) While congressman Pichay is saying that the enhanced recording could be an enhanced fake and even claiming that Cayetano’s action is the highest form of moral dishonesty… where does he get the nerves to say such things. And even going into the realms of what’s moral!?! Mike Defensor is challenging the opposition congressmen to make a wager that if the recordings were to be proven authentic and indeed the president uttered the word ‘dagdag’ the president will resign (like he could make the president do so). Glad congressman Cayetano and group took him up on his wager and immediately drafted an undertaking... though I don’t believe Mike and the president will honor the undertaking. As for Mike… what was he thinking!?! Is he really that stupid? Or is he that optimistic??? The audacity of these men really baffles me at times. Sometimes I wonder how they could sleep at night... gone were the days when men’s honor is determined by their words.

I guess the way our society now uses words reflects how morally bankrupt we have been as a nation. To argue on what ‘dagdag’ means, to argue what ‘will I still lead by 1M’ means, to argue on what ‘yung ginawa naman sa inyong pagpapataas’ means… the need to prove legally of each word’s meaning… just shows what kind of society we have become. Does it really have to be that hard? Aren’t words used to communicate and help us understand each other?

My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the utterance from my heart will give understanding. -- Psalm 49:3


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