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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

what can i say that i'm not my master's first choice?

Some of you may ask... how do I feel that I’m not my master’s first choice? Hmm… I’m okay with it. As a dog we we’re programmed (meaning it was encoded in our genes) to function in a hierarchical society. In the wild we are used to being in a pack… just like wolves we have a leader which is the alpha male in our group, an alpha female and so on. We rely on this structure for our survival; we depend on our leader to make the right decision, to lead us where there is food and to organize hunts so that we can have a meal. Though as a puppy, if ever I still live with a pack of wild dogs I’ll be at the lowest flung of the hierarchy; I’ll still be a happy puppy. Such structures give us security; I need not worry much about things as my leader will take care of them… I can concentrate of getting bigger and developing myself. That same hierarchical view is how I look at my relationship with my master. I can now concentrate on being a puppy and totally depend on him to consistently provide my needs. Maybe when I grow up I could be of use to him, what he envision me to be I don’t know as of yet… for now I will concentrate on being the best puppy there is.

By the way the picture here is of my sister (Koko the 1st) as well as the logo in my blog site… she’s cute isn’t she? If the only purpose for her is to have brought joy to my master for only a week… well I may say she did a good job as my master is all praise about her. I do hope I too am bringing much joy to my master.

I am happy with my master as he is fulfilling his purpose with respect to me. I don’t know with humankind if they too have such hierarchies, if ever they do, how I hope those above my master also know their purpose… It’ll be awfully unfair if it’s not the case…


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