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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

koko politics

Hello, I hope I can maintain this blog considering I can’t read, can’t write and definitely my paws can’t type… I’m relying on my master to do this for me – not exactly sure if he’s typing down my sentiments, though I trust he’ll be fair since it’s my name that’s published here. I trust my master; what is a dog without his master right? If I can’t trust him with the simple task of blogging how can I trust him with my life? But before I get ahead of myself here let's start off with introductions and how all these started…

I’m a 2-month old “chocolate brown” Labrador retriever (yessss… I just need to mention my color!). I currently live in a cage since I am not yet house broken. Don’t know when my master will finally start breaking me in (so to speak) but right now it seems he’s more interested in making me blog! I also live with my sister Sakura, don’t know who among us is older, but by the looks of it she’s ahead of me… last check she’s 0.25 lbs heavier. I guess a minute’s difference in birth could do wonders! Or is it she’s just such a big eater??? Anyway, currently we’re underweight, after our bouts with the dreaded canine parvovirus it seems we’re behind – weight wise.

Ahh that parvovirus… actually I’m not the first Koko dog, it was my sister actually – she was my master’s first choice. They wanted a “girl” dog (he doesn’t want me to use the “B” word in this blog as it’s somewhat offensive to human – what’s with that!?!) in the hope that someday they could breed more of our kinds. Unfortunately my older sister was the first victim of the parvovirus in our family. From my master’s story though they only got to spend a week with my sister, they still felt the pain of loss. The vet who took care of my sister warned my master that we too could get infected by the virus, which seems unbelievable at that time due to fact that we were all gorging our food and far from looking sick. In any case my master still wanted a dog and since he knows my mom (and he could get us for free or at a very very big discount due to the fact that my previous owner is his sister) he opted to stick with our lineage even with the threat of parvovirus. The threat did come true and soon my sister Sakura and I were confined at my mom’s vet’s clinic. We were hanging on dear life but our masters (my current master, his sister, brother-in-law and my master’s wife) did not give up on us… it was hard for us but I’m sure it was equally hard for them too – financially and emotionally. So here I am… my sister’s with me since my other brothers are not all that well yet (though I heard they were doing great!) and we need to keep away. It was almost good since we’re all recuperating but then just last week my mother died. According to my master it was a painful death, she vomited and excreted blood, in less than 24 hours she was gone! Could it be the parvovirus? But they said it will not affect her!?! Oh we miss our mom… my master misses my mom too. He’s been telling me what a good dog she has been. He pities his sister and brother-in-law for loosing her. The doctor is still checking out what caused her sudden death even Uncle Hagrid was affected (he’s my mom’s Rottweiler friend) hope he gets well. The doctor is testing his blood and thinks it might be that they were poisoned. Poisoned!?! Hmmm… my master tells me his sister suspects their neighbor did it. He prays it’s not true but if it is I’ll bite the head off all their chickens when I grow up! Grrr! No good neighbors! In any case I too do hope it’s not true since my brothers are still living there and my sister Sakura will go back there soon. My master told me it’s not good to be fighting with neighbors… he even tells me there was a time when neighbors were like family. Ohh… he wonders what has happened to the world. I guess this is where I started on taking his view on politics… while as innocent as I am; I too can be affected by matters beyond me.

My master found this very interesting:

Politics (pol·i·tics)
- (used with a sing. or pl. verb) The often internally conflicting interrelationships among people in a society.


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