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Friday, July 15, 2005

feeling better

Feeling better now... actually I was doing ok yesterday. The only time I did feel bad was when I threw up. I guess it really must be the additional pellets in my diet. My master has reverted back to my usual diet - 5 scoops of meat and 2 scoops of pellet. Ahh... it goes down so well.

Nothing much happened to me yesterday, just the usual playing around with my sister. This morning we were able to get out of the house (by chance) since Tina (my master's help) let us out while the gate was open. They immediately sent us back in though... my master explains that we're not ready to go out yet in the great big world since our shots aren't complete yet. Oh well maybe someday... he said there's a big yellow lab in the neighborhood... I'd like to meet him someday.

My master has been really busy yesterday blogging for me... he's really ecstatic today as koko politics was mentioned in Manuel L. Quezon III's blog. I reminded him... as he might forget... it's my blog not his.


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