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Monday, July 18, 2005

exciting weekend

Weekend over... sorry my master and I were pretty busy and we had no time to do some entries. We had a great weekend; so far it was the longest time my sister and I had a chance to stay outdoors! My master was able to continue his work on his car, though how I wished he just stayed home and played with us; I'm happy for him as he said it was a long needed thing for him to do. Sometimes I doubt if he likes us more than he does his car.

My master’s wife gave us a bath last Sunday morning, it's been a week since we had one and they were all saying we stank already. It was refreshing and since they wanted us dry and staying fresh whole day we were permitted to play in the garage and garden. Ahh... soaked up that much needed sun! My sister and I also went to the vet in the afternoon for a deworming session. We were pretty nervous as we might see that needle again, but good that this time we were just given tablets... whew! Also the vet advised my master to increase our food as we were still under weight. That really made my sister and I look forward to dinner! Late in the evening we had some visitors - my master's in-laws (ahh... that's why they were keeping us fresh). My master's wife prepared some really good tasting meals (That's what my master told me... was not able to taste it though.), while we got lots of attention. It seems everybody's excited to see us! My master's sister-in-law was a real treat, she cuddled us and even had pictures taken with us. It was truly a fun filled weekend.


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